neo-fun palace

This is a speculative project about re-imagining a future for abandoned architecture based on Cedric Price’s “Fun Palace”, but with today’s technologies of the future. Due to the growth of technology, Price argued for a building that could respond programmatically to individual needs depending on activity preferences. This resulted in a kind of ‘fun laboratory’ where a variety of entertaining activities could take place.

Although this project directly references Price’s vision, it is not only about being entertaining, but also about exploring new architectural forms and programs which have the potential to change resource availability, transportation, and technological exploration. In this future, buildings compete for primary access to hyperloop systems. These high-speed transportation systems provide the economic foundation for the development of future structures such as mixed-use towers, vertical farms, satellite launch facilities, and even amusement parks. Thus, transforming once abandoned buildings into hyperdense miniature cities, where a variety of activities and forms become grafted into the remains of the past.

Created by Ryan Cook in collaboration with Partisans, including Alexander Josephson, Adam Zabunyan, Pooya Baktash. 2016.