Envelope Prototype

Design, research, and prototyping with Autodesk and LuxMea, including Ryan Cook, Steven Avis, Vahid Esraghi. Printed with Big Rep in Boston at the Autodesk BUILD Space and debuted at Autodesk Toronto MARS. 2020.

Autodesk Toronto Technology Center: Mathew Spremulli, Chris Chekan, Ellen Hlozan, Tyson Fogel, Andy Bates, Keith Chamberlain. Autodesk Boston Technology Center: Adam Day, Athena Moore, Haley Cormier, Stephanie Pender, Taylor Tobin. Big Rep: Christopher Lee. LuxMea: Steven Avis, Ryan Cook, Jean Yang, Edward Broeders, Vahid Esraghi, Xiao Su. Photography by Pasquale Volpintesta and Ryan Cook.