Bioroot Underpass

Bioroot Underpass by Ryan Cook @ Turbulentarch in collaboration with Graham Livesey @ University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS)

Bioroot Underpass reveals, orients and structures the root systems beneath our feet to illustrate a … Read More

Imperfect Masquerade

Imperfect Masquerade by Ryan Cook @ Turbulentarch with Yves Poitras, Sean Paris-Thompson, and Cody Loeffen @ University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS)

The application of textures onto surfaces has the ability to de-familiarize the material properties … Read More

Digital Sketch #14 – Wood Growbox

 A house which uses swarm agent growth as a means of creating stronger and lighter architectural structures. This house is an extension of research for a sister project, CRACKHAUS.

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