swarm creep

“Certainly a short story about an amorphous, quasi-sentient, mass of crude oil taking over the planet will not contain the type of logical rigor that one finds in the philosophy of Aristotle or Kant. But in a different way, what genre horror does do is it takes aim at the presuppositions of philosophical inquiry – that the world is always the world for us – and makes of those blind spots its central concern, expressing them not in abstract concepts but in a whole bestiary of impossible life forms – mists, ooze, blobs; slime, clouds, and muck. Or, as Plato once put it, “hair, mud, and dirt.”.”  – Eugene Thacker, In the Dust of This Planet: Horror of Philosophy. 2011. Zero Books.

Design, research, and prototyping by Ryan Cook in collaboration with Dustin Couzens, Ben Klumper. 2017