plethora box

This project was created as a part of the plethora project, which was one of the first five-meter tall 3D printed metal sculptures. Commemorative boxes were created to display a small scaled model of the plethora sculpture. Eight boxes were created, with each having its own unique procedurally generated pattern on the sides of the box, and also on the base of the box where the sculpture would rest.

Created by Ryan Cook with Autodesk and LuxMea. Printed with Markforged Mark 2 and Formlabs Form 2. Debuted at the China International Furniture Fair in Shanghai. 2019.

Autodesk Toronto: Mathew Spremulli, Chris Chekan, Ellen Hlozan, Tyson Fogel, Brian Jeong. LuxMea: Jean Yang, Edward Broeders, Ryan Cook, Steven Avis, Vahid Esraghi, Xiao Su.