green arm

The green arm is a high-tech space for plants and humans. The program consists of a single open space that is shared between an aeroponic greenhouse and a yoga studio. Learning from efficiency and flexibility in robot design, this project enables activities from separate fields to exist harmoniously by producing and sharing spatial optimizations for mechanical, lighting, and structural systems. In order to free-up interior space and create an atmosphere that would not be detrimental for either program’s heating and cooling needs, all HVAC and other mechanical systems are transferred outside. All lighting optimizations are produced through a retractable rotation system which allows the room to orient itself depending on the amount of natural lighting needed for optimal plant growth in different seasons. And any stability requirements for delicate plants are met by suspending the structure above the ground in order to absorb micro-disruptions created by the movement of people participating in their daily activities.

Created by Ryan Cook with Jason Johnson. School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL), University of Calgary, 2014.







All aeroponic operations are carried out automatically by a robotic arm located in the middle of the room. However, when the arm is not used for plant watering and other greenhouse activities, additional movement gestures can be programmed and assigned by yoga instructors who wish to use the arm as an educational guide for participants to follow and maintain proper yoga posture. When clumped into a single room, all of these features combine to provide a comfortable and unique space for people to do yoga without negatively compromising the growth of plants throughout the year.