This is a speculative project which attempts to address qualities of architectural anonymity by treating the standard house typology as something that is inseparable from nature – it is essentially a critical take on questioning architecture that is meant for people. In this case, autonomous swarm agent simulations are used as a technique to generate non-anthropocentric forms throughout the house.

Specifically, particle emitters are placed in-between the cracks of the building in order to grow new shapes which are then seamlessly grafted into the existing structures. The strength of this relationship is tied to the scale of the corresponding programmed spaces. However, despite this connection to human program, the house exercises its autonomy from humans simply by the grotesque state in which it exists and presents itself – whether or not we see, use, or fully understand its logic.

This project is explorable in virtual reality within Unreal Engine.

Design, research, and prototyping with the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL), University of Calgary, including Jason Johnson, Ryan Cook. 2014.