This is a case-study project which attempts to address the unique qualities of architecture by treating the standard house typology as something that is inseparable from nature and time. Swarm agent simulations are used as a technique to generate and erode forms throughout the house. Specifically, particle emitters are placed in-between the cracks of the building in order to grow new shapes which are then grafted into the previous structure. This technique is repeated in a recursive way which further helps to transform the design into something non-anthropocentric and strange. The strength of this relationship is tied to the scale of the corresponding programmed spaces. After this is done, the form of the house is slowly eroded and decayed back into nature – existing and presenting itself as a ruin in a strange way that can not be fully understood.

Created by Ryan Cook with Jason Johnson. School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape (SAPL), University of Calgary, 2014.