Hi, my name is Ryan Cook, I am a Toronto based artist and designer that likes to create weird structures, objects, and futures. Since 2014 I have curated my work under turbulentarch as a portfolio that explores design through physical and digital spaces. Instead of designing with a single fixed point in mind, a lot of my work shown here is more about movement and process through time. Sometimes this can rely on blending sculptural techniques by hand with computational processes or using algorithms to generate forms based on different variables or inputs. When I create things, I usually try to use code in ways that allow for complexity to influence design in unexpected and handcrafted ways.

“If the flow is steady, the field of velocity vectors and the system of streamlines remain unaffected by the progress of time. Looking at the vector field and its streamlines we do not notice any change. Yet, if we could distinguish the different particles of fluid from each other, we could observe incessant change: other and other particles pass the same point as time progresses.” George PĆ³lya, Mathematical Methods in Science (1977)