February 28, 2017

The Tiny Trump Wall

Continuing a populist mode of thinking governed by hatred and fear will lead to the creation of architectural objects and systems designed to divide and imprison humans. People around the world are urging others to realize the absurdity behind a US/Mexico border wall. This is relevant for architects, engineers, designers, developers, and others who are in positions of influence in the US, especially regarding proposal and construction.

The Tiny Trump Wall is a satirical and speculative proposal which attempts to reveal the ridiculousness of thinking in terms of borders by embodying qualities of Trump’s character as an architectural object which functions as a wall to be climbed over rather than a barrier. It is an architectural portrayal of his corruption, narcissism, incompetence, hate, fear, and overall attitude towards the “other” or “unknown”. The facade consists of an array of tiny Trump figures which are randomly arranged and grafted together to produce a strange and grotesque skin. This skin and its particular arrangement of figures allows people on either side of the wall to climb over it by using its protruding limbs and other body parts as climbing grips, thus effectively turning it into a challenge rather than a deterrent – something made to get over rather than contain and separate.

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