Turbulentarch is a collaborative test chamber for ideas and methodologies that critically address design in an environment where the only constant variable is change. It collectively operates within the contexts of technology, art, and science to explore new architectural structures, atmospheres, and futures.

“If the flow is steady, the field of velocity vectors and the system of streamlines remain unaffected by the progress of time. Looking at the vector field and its streamlines we do not notice any change. Yet, if we could distinguish the different particles of fluid from each other, we could observe incessant change: other and other particles pass the same point as time progresses.” George Pólya, Mathematical Methods in Science (1977)

Ryan Cook is a designer and the creator of Turbulentarch. He originally created it as way to collectively grow and shape new architectural ideas or behaviors in generative design. Ryan holds a Masters in Architecture from the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS), and he primarily specializes in computational approaches to architecture, effects, and simulation. He has been doing this for roughly six years in various studio environments, and it has enabled him to develop a unique approach towards the artistic as well as technical aspects of design.


Sol Aasland, Stephen Barnecut, Dustin Couzens, Alkarim Devani, Meysam Ehsanian, John Ferguson, Mahdiar Ghaffarian, Nicki Gretzan, John Iwanski, Jason Johnson, Alexander Josephson, Alaa Kandil, Simon Kim, Ben Klumper, Branko Kolarevic, Graham Livesey, Cody Loeffen, Jim Love, Ogunedo Obinna, Sean Paris-Thompson, Matthew Parker, Yves Poitras, Peyman Poostchi, Michael Pryor, Chris Roberts, Anthony Schmidt, Larissa Schuler, Vedran Skopac, Brian Sinclair, Keir Stuhlmiller, Josh Taron, Cara Tretiak, Vamsi Krishna Vemuri, Ted Watson, Adam Zabunyan

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