March 28, 2017

Imperfect Masquerade

Imperfect Masquerade by Ryan Cook @ Turbulentarch with Yves Poitras, Sean Paris-Thompson, and Cody Loeffen @ University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS)

The application of textures onto surfaces has the ability to de-familiarize the material properties of the geometry which it is applied to. However, it is not simply about creating a decal and applying it to another material, in this case it is about one thing trying to masquerade as another thing. This is evident in the very process of creating the texture itself.

Slicing one highly detailed geometry and then projecting this section onto the surface of a simpler geometry allows this form to disguise its metallic material properties. The sectioned cut is something created purely in the digital world. It is bound by no material properties and is free from constraints of physical manipulation. It has an imperfect form which twists, turns, and folds into itself with little concern for its neighboring surfaces. In comparison, the hexagonal, sphere-like object is completely subservient to reality because it is bound to the order of its material surface, structure, and geometric perfection. This sphere still distances itself from itself by wearing the decals as a skin – thus masquerading as something imperfect.

This is a part of Anthropoda Hexapoda, featured in the University of Calgary’s Kasian Gallery, in collaboration with Simon Kim @ IBANEZ KIM and Jason Johnson @ Minus Architecture Studio (MAS)

Turbulentarch Imperfect Masquerade Turbulentarch Imperfect Masquerade2 Turbulentarch Imperfect Masquerade3 Turbulentarch Imperfect Masquerade4 Turbulentarch Imperfect Masquerade5 Turbulentarch Imperfect Masquerade6 Turbulentarch Imperfect Masquerade7 Turbulentarch Imperfect Masquerade8 Turbulentarch Imperfect Masquerade9

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