Bioroot Underpass

Bioroot Underpass by Ryan Cook @ Turbulentarch in collaboration with Graham Livesey @ University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS)

Bioroot Underpass reveals, orients and structures the root systems beneath our feet to illustrate a … Read More

Digital Sketch #14 – Wood Growbox

 A house which uses swarm agent growth as a means of creating stronger and lighter architectural structures. This house is an extension of research for a sister project, CRACKHAUS.

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The Tiny Trump Wall

Continuing a populist mode of thinking governed by hatred and fear will lead to the creation of architectural objects and systems designed to divide and imprison humans. People around the world are urging others to realize the absurdity … Read More

Digital Sketch #13 – Architectural Spaghettification

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Digital Sketch #12 – Branching Swarm

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